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Steak and Wine Pairing

Here at we know that a magnificent wine can provide a superb accompaniment to any well cooked steak. That noteworthy acidic tang and heavenly sweetness that marries perfectly with the salty, fatty umami butteriness of a steak. We have done our homework so you can enjoy the benefits! 


We like to keep things simple here! So here are the basic guidelines to pairing your favourite steak with a wine. This guide will hopefully help you whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just have a quiet date night! 


We are here to help you create a truly unforgettable flavour experience from the comfort of your own home! 


Consider the following which will help determine which steak should be paired with which wine


Seasoning – If you are a fan of sweet ingredients avoid pairing with a sweet wine as it would be too much of a good thing. Likewise if you choose spiced meats you should avoid spicy wine and instead opt for a more fruity, light wine. If you prefer the salt and pepper seasoning combination for your steak you are in luck as it has a very versatile flavour and can be accompanied by almost any wine!


Fattiness – If you enjoy a fatty steak you should pair with a less robust wine. Avoid overwhelming your palate with too much richness. High acidity is a good choice with a fatty steak as it helps to counterbalance the umami flavours.


Rarity – The rarer a steak is the more it will lessen the sensation of tannin in any accompanying wine. So if you have a young or comparatively young cabernet or malbec, for instance, a rare steak will make it taste more mellow. If you’re serving an older red ease back on the saucing and serve the wine with its natural juices. If it’s a very old vintage you might even want to serve the steak medium-rare rather than rare


Red wine has become a classic match with steak. It’s always fun to experiment when it comes to wine and food pairing but here are some go-to styles and things to consider if you’re preparing a special steak dinner.


Cabernet Sauvignon – Number One

Origin: France

Also called: Bouchet, Bouche, Petit-Bouchet, Petit-Cabernet, Petit-Vidure, Vidure, Sauvignon Rouge


Cabernets have a high acidity that cuts through fatty and umami foods brilliantly, providing a tanginess that’s absolutely wonderful with a good steak. France and Chile have fantastic reputations for quality, Napa Valley in California also produces some of the best cabernets in the world.


Malbec – Number two

Origin: France

Notable regions: Argentina, California, Chile, Cahors, Mendoza, South West France


Malbec is a great choice to accompany a more lean cut of steak, such as a top sirloin or a flank steak. While you can eat Malbec with a fattier cut like filet mignon, its richness may overwhelm the flavor of the meat. 

France has fantastic reputations for quality, Argentina also produces some of the best Malbec in the world.


Syrah – Number Three

Origin: France, Rhône wine region

Notable regions: Rhône wine region, California, Barossa Valley, South Africa, Chile, Columbia Valley AVA (USA) and Hunter Valley wine (AU)


This red wine goes beautifully with cuts of steak that have more fat, like ribeye. Cuts of steak like ribeye often require a heavier, more robust wine to balance them, and provide a counterpoint to the richness of the fatty, marbled meat.

France earns top marks for Syrah, while Australia comes in a close second place. 


Zinfandel – Number Four

Origin: Croatia

Notable regions: Apulia, California, Dalmatia


As this wine has a higher sugar content you should avoid steaks that have a sweet seasoning, such as a brown sugar glaze. Pair it with a steak that has a spicy, zesty flavor. The sweetness will help counterbalance the spice, and clear your palate between each bite. 

Prominent in California and varieties vary depending on the region its produced from known as Primitivo in Italy


Sangiovese – Number Five

Origin: Italy

Notable regions: Tuscany, Central Italy


Any grilled steak is delicious with this wine. Because of its acidity, It can match well with fattier meats for best results lightly seasoned with salt. Also sausages barbequed goes fantastic with this wine! 

Italy has top marks for Sangiovese while we would also recommend France, Argentina, USA and Australia.


Take the time now to relish in the good times and create memories that will last a lifetime and focus your energies into having some fun catching up with your friends and family. From all the team here at we look forward to serving you and thank you again for your business.

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